Synthetic urine works for a drug test: Know the details!

A fake pee, known as synthetic urine for a drug test is manufactured for the use in few applications - such as for calibrating equipment used for a urine test, for testing the effectiveness of diapers by, etc. Visually no one can differentiate between fake pee and real urine. Synthetic pee is mostly used by the people who will undergo the urine sample drug test.

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However, it cannot be used for all types of urine drug test; hence you need to choose an unsupervised laboratory. In some laboratory supervised urine drug test is mandatory. The supervised test is called “watching the sample collection”.

Points to note:

Just do some research before taking any drastic step:

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·Ensure that you can use fake pee.

·Make sure if the laboratory where you are supposed to go for the test do not supervise the urine collection process.

·Ask if they allow you to get into a bathroom cubicle. If it is, then you can switch the samples with fake pee easily. You need to hide that fake pee anywhere in your clothing.

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Sometimes it is mandatory during the collection process to wear a hospital robe. In that case, it is nearly impossible to hide a bottle of fake pee on your body. Hence in case of a supervised drug test you can make use of the Whizzinator.See more at

Many pot users have used this device. It is a synthetic urine belt. You can attach it to your waist and then conceal in your underwear. From a reasonable distance, it is impossible to detect. It is also easily available in the market. You can buy synthetic pee online too via authentic websites.

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